Hello, welcome, yada yada.

I’m Kenn (duh) and this is one of my many websites. I’m the founder and CE/TO of Webinology, a company that is focused on providing good homes and ongoing TLC for websites and web applications.

As a web person, I couldn’t pass up the chance at buying in when I found that my last name had become a top-level domain (TLD) and therefore I could have my actual, legal name as a domain.

I already have other sites that I don’t update often enough, so this one really serves no purpose other than to let me goof around with the web.

Ergo, you may see here, at any given point in time.
You've been warned.

I like to code.

Sometimes I need a site to test things out on and, I must shamefully admit, there have been times when I’ve used our main website.

If you happen by and this site is floated face-down it its own flood of errors, it’s probably because I was doing just that sort of thing (and thankfully I had “here” in which to do it.)

I like to write.

I may well use the blog on this site as a drafting spot for posts, training materials, aimless (or the occasional well-aimed) rants, and – of course – posting cat pictures.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it until you're sure that nothing else is broken; that way you know the almost inevitable ensuing breakage came from what you just did."

Kenn Kitchen (Kenn's 17th Rule of Software Development) Tweet

(More to come; sorry, I saw a squirrel.)