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From Whence Cometh I

Each and every one of your nameless ancestors was a real human, with hopes, desires, fears, and who most likely loved and was loved. And, without a doubt, without each and everyone one of them, neither you nor I would be here today.

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Midjourney, Part One

Lately, I’ve been playing with Midjourney (via my home Discord channel). If you’re not familiar with it, there’s Midjourney bot that can be installed into Discord servers and, for a small monthly fee, you can make images of anything you can imagine.

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internet technology

How to Choose a WordPress Plugin

There are just over 60,000 plugins in the WordPress.org repository at the time of this writing. In many cases, the issue isn’t that you can’t find a plugin to suit your needs but instead you find several and are faced with making a choice. How do you decide which is best for you?

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Afternoon Catnip Delight

This video shows some of our cats (yes, it’s true, we have more) enjoying our home-grown catnip.

Left to right, the stars of this video are Lulu (the big girl!), Lemmy, Dexter, and Tippy.

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art and entertainment

Of Swords and Code Samples

For many of us, swords are special even today, and there’s no doubt that they were special throughout much of human history. Amid all that romanticism, one might be forgiven for forgetting that a sword is simply a tool, made for use in battle. It’s easy to forget sometimes that we developers are making tools that people use to get things done.

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How to choose a framework

With so many options available, how does one choose what to use for a new project? If the project is a website, the question of whether or not a CMS is appropriate is one of my first considerations. But sometimes it’s hard to tell where a website ends and a web application begins.

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Specialization is for Insects

For me, it’s easy to mistake wanting to learn more about something with the treacherous borders of a trap leading to something I don’t really want.

What I’ve discovered is that – without my conscious awareness – there is a part of me that kicks the fight-or-flight switch whenever I find myself too close to something that might push me down the funnel of relentless focus.

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Crashing Computer Science

I’ve recently found the need to brush up on my computer science knowledge… and by “brush up,” I mean, actually learn computer science.

Our company focuses on partnering with teams who develop websites and browser-based applications to ensure the best possible go-live and day-two-plus experiences.

Can a knowledge of computer science principles aid that mission?

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c and c++

Using Composer and Namespaces in PHP

Pretty much everyone who develops with PHP uses Composer, and if you’ve every used a PHP framework, you’ve seen the namespaces at the tops of files. I knew how to use these things but I didn’t really understand them until I embarked on a few just-for-learning side projects that I started from scratch.

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