Yup, I’ve Redecorated!

If you’re a frequent visitor, you’ve no doubt noticed that this site has a whole new look about it. I kept the same logo and colors, but adopted one of my favorite things (side nav) and got rid of some under-the-hood bloat.

I’ve been using WordPress professionally for about a decade now, but as a personal user I go back to the early days. Before there were page-builders – and long before Gutenberg – we just downloaded themes when we wanted to change the look and feel of our sites. (And sometimes we made our own!)

I have long been a fan of the themes produced by Cryout Creations, a group that makes about a dozen or so highly-customizable themes with really cool names. While I was tempted to use this site as a testing ground for one of my new creations, I thought better of it since this is actually a production site! So I went back to the stable of Cryout Creations themes and selected Verbosa for this site. Not only do I love the theme, but I myself can sometimes be rather verbose so it seemed to fit.

I’m still tweaking a bit, but for now this is it. Lemme know what you think in the comments below!

The plan for this new look and structure? Post more! Stay tuned and keep those fingers crossed on my behalf.

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