First, best, or different.

“You either have to be first, best, or different.” — Loretta Lynn I’ve quoted that a few times before, so excuse me if you’ve heard it. Being “first” at most anything is a remote proposition these days. Being different often means something like what Slack did: take existing things and …

How to choose a framework

With so many options available, how does one choose what to use for a new project? If the project is a website, the question of whether or not a CMS is appropriate is one of my first considerations. But sometimes it’s hard to tell where a website ends and a web application begins.

Specialization is for Insects

For me, it’s easy to mistake wanting to learn more about something with the treacherous borders of a trap leading to something I don’t really want.

What I’ve discovered is that – without my conscious awareness – there is a part of me that kicks the fight-or-flight switch whenever I find myself too close to something that might push me down the funnel of relentless focus.

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